Summer Yuzu Facial

Yuzu Facial

The weather in June around Dallas is beautiful! School is out, and so is the sun. But as we spend more time poolside, something unexpected happens to our skin. The combination of sun exposure, heat, humidity, and chlorine from the pool can both dry out the skin and at the same time increase sebum production which causes the t-zone to become super oily. So yes, summer fun can make oily skin appear oilier and dry skin appear rough and patchy.

So in order to keep your face looking young and healthy this June, we are offering our Summer Yuzu Facial! This awesome citrus fruit from Japan, resembles a cross between a lemon and grapefruit and it has made its mark in beauty. Yuzu is not a new beauty ingredient (especially in Asia) but in Western beauty it is a new and growing trendy treat for your skin.

Why add Yuzu to your beauty routine?

Let’s start off with Yuzu Skin Care Benefits:


Yuzu is known for its anti-aging properties. It stimulates collagen production and helps inhibit the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), making it an effective natural anti-aging ingredient. In doing so, Yuzu can firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by improving elasticity.


Glowing and healthy skin begins with hydration. Our skin needs moisture to keep its balance and limit skin problems like tightness, irritations, and breakout. Yuzu provides hydration to your skin without feeling heavy and restores your skin barrier and moisture balance.


Like many citrus fruits, both flesh and peel of Yuzu are found to have a high concentration of vitamin C, therefore making it a powerful antioxidant. It actually has 3 times higher Vitamin C than a lemon! The antioxidants in Yuzu neutralize free radical production and prevent further damages on your skin. With Yuzu, you’re protected from harsh environmental factors like UV rays and pollution. As a result, your skin will appear brighter, youthful and smooth, everything we want right?!

To book your Yuzu Summer Facial select the Mod Single, DUO, or THE WORKS! facial then choose Facial of the Month! For more hydration add on Oxygen therapy, or for a longer glow add on LED therapy!

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