Tropical Oxygen Facial

Tropical Facial

If you are dreaming, planning or you’ve just returned from your Tropical Vacation then you will want to book this June 2023 Facial of the Month! Escape and get glowin with our Tropical Oxygen Facial.

Our skin cells have a limited lifetime. They die, and new cells replace them. Oxygen is crucial for cell regeneration. It increases the rate at which new cells grow, which, in turn, helps in scar (from acne) healing. Oxygen gives an extra dose of oxygen to your skin cells, thus aiding faster cell turnover. You may notice immediate results after this facial. The benefits may include healing issues such as acne, appearance of wrinkles, and blemishes and it makes your skin younger-looking and glowing!

As you relax to the sounds of ocean waves, your skin will be cleansed with our very own Tropical Glow Pre/Oil cleanse. Once your skin is analyzed your Esthi will apply an exfoliating 10% peel to whisk away dead skin build up, sun damage and help minimize fine lines. This will get your skin glowin in the right direction!

Next, the hydrating infusion begins with hyaluronic/hydrapurge infusion. Hyaluronic helps bind moisture up to 1000% its weight in water! Talking about super hydration for depleted skin! Also, the hyaluronic acid serum used in this facial boosts the detoxification process of your skin, negates the effects of pollution, sun exposure, and diet fluctuation, and helps in the repair and regeneration of the skin cells. Your facial also includes a relaxing massage and a double portion of Hyaluronic and peptide infusion with our oxygen dome or airbrush. This combination is sure to get your skin hydrated, exfoliated and glowing. Not to mention, your senses will thank you for this Tropical getaway!

Did you know that Constant exposure to the sun, dust, and pollution rob your skin of its natural moisture content? This makes it extremely dry and lifeless. And if you have dry skin, these issues can make your skin worse. This facial is geared to help combat dryness and damage to the skin. Hello Glowing Skin!

Book online today at our Flower Mound Spa or call / text us at 972-876-9527. Choose either the mod SINGLE, DUO, or THE WORKS and then select Facial of the Month.

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